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A person who is acting beyond ignorant, regardless of race creed, color, sex. or sexual orientation.
1. The Knockout Game is not a game, this is some serious Niggnerance!
2. The idea that everything is free is just plain Niggnernerant.
3. The Heifer wearing blue platforms, plaid couchie cutters, and gold hair is just plain Niggnerant.
4. Did he really just order a Happy Meal for us on this date? This is some Niggnerance right here...
5. You are being Niggnerant if you are over 40 years old, living at home with your mother, and have the nerve to think that you are Gods gift to woman.
by TLCBlackBarbie November 23, 2013
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This chick in the chicken shack actin real niggnerant over a beef pattie cuz Aki didn't put cheese on it.
by Treebonics November 11, 2010
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