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showing preference to an Afro-American only because of darker skin pigmentation.
Man, that Jermaine Johnson made the cut on American Idol only because of niggism!
by 134 Spinner March 02, 2012
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When a person has a random attack of behaving similarly to the stereotyped black person.
Behaviours include: Sudden kleptomania, enjoying watermelon and chicken intensely, blaming being oppressed for your problem, blaming racism for your problems, claiming to be kangz when in a democracy, love for fat 'bitches,' referring to all women as'bitches,' liking twerking and saying 'I cum frm da hood!'

When a Niggism occurs during coitus, the person in question having a Niggism they will begin unrelentingly to hit their partners ass as hard as possible. If your romantic partner is prone to Niggism's be sure to have a safe word so you know wheather they are experiencing a Niggism or not.

Note: These are all for the purpose of humour don't take this seriously.
Yeah, I had a Niggism at work today and stole all the chicken nuggets.
by GodEmporerSleppy April 18, 2018
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A boy who think he all of that always be the one getting the girls having a different one every week everyday every minute who be doing the most when it comes to him his looks and his everything
Most teenage boys now a days act with such niggism
by michaelclarke41 March 25, 2017
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