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A cold delicious treat resembling a McFlurry, made by mixing M&Ms into a Wendy's Frosty. This tasty desert can only be enjoyed by real street niggas going through some tough shit.

Make it yourself with this recipe!


1x Wendy's Frosty

1x Bag of M&Ms

1.) Let the Frosty melt a little bit to ensure the M&Ms can be distributed evenly, and eat it down a little so it doesn't spill over when you mix.
2.) Pour your M&Ms into the Frosty, and mix using spoon or hands.
3.) Enjoy.
Darius: Damn nigga, what you doin' with a chocolate McFrosty, nigga?

Trevon: You stupid hoe, this ain't no damn fuckin' McFrosty! I got banned from that goddamn McDonalds because I sexually assaulted that bitchass thicc cashier, remember, nigga?

Darius: Oh shit, you is muthafuckin' right, nigga. What the fuck is that piece of shit then?

Trevon: It's a fuckin' Niggaflurry, nigga!
by Niggaflurry Salesman July 18, 2017
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