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NiggaEtte is what you use for your friends that are niggas, but also girls!
Person 1: hey, that’s my nigga over there!
Person 2: where??
Person 1: that girl standing right there!
Person 2: No No, you ignorant basturd, she’d be a NiggaEtte considering that she’s a girl not a guy.

Person 1: oh thanks G, I’ll keep that in consideration!

Person 2: No problem my NiggaEtte!!
by Definitelynotmanny September 10, 2019
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A human you use as an alternative to get over your ex. (An old habit) Like the nicorette gum used to quit smoking. (An old habit)
Man, I really need some niggaette cuz I'm thirsty!
by Your_mom2000 September 11, 2016
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