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A person strictly devoted to the practices and beliefs of Nigerianism. All Nigerianists must obey Nigerio at all times.
"That player is such a cool Nigerianist! Let's follow Nigerio to the end!"
by nenforcr January 22, 2008
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Someone who does tricks at scamming people with fraudulent emails claiming that if you send 5,000 dollars, we well give you a million dollars or another trick such as my sister has cancer and she needs money for treatment, we are so sorry and in need of money or she will die in terrible pain. God Bless you.

This types of tricks are sent directly from Nigeria in places like Internet Cafes and some are very sophisticated at getting more suckers. Some retards still fall for this shit.
Stop trying to trick me with your fraud you Nigerianist!
by tatomuck1 March 26, 2009
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