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A Nield is very beautiful and will always be there for you, if you have a Nield in your life then you are very, very lucky, dont ever let them go. Nield's bring a smile to your face when ever you are with them. They make you laugh until you carnt breath. If you are a Nield then your lucky! Always happy and cheerful, smiley and very hard to upset, but try not to anger a Nield because then you have made a really bad mistake and you will regret it! Nields are good at revenge and love to have fun and go wild, they love to embarrasse them self and can somtimes be quite shy. They can be trouble makers but they are never goody two shoes. Mess with the Nields and they will mess with you because they are not soft no matter how 'soft' they look, they are good at lieing and are very smart, the girls are hot, sexy and irresistable and the boys are strong, dumb but very easily angerd.
They are very nice people to love and they will love back, they dont fall in love easily so you will be EXTREMLY lucky if they love you, you will be really lucky to if your even kissed one or more ....
Random - Whos that?
Random2 - Ohh thats a Nield, you dont want to mess with them.
Random - They look nice.
Random2 - Ohh they are the nicest people you know, you'll be lucky to know them,but get on the wrong side and you'll wish you never met them ...
Random- what they called?
Random2 - Lucii and Hayley Nield
by LnLrRaLl April 04, 2011
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