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multiple meanings, akin to aloha, mahalo, cool, sweet, etc. Creator of niebu originally meant to type morning but was very sleepy and fingers were shifted one key to the left (if using the home row keys commonly taught in most typing classes).
Niebu! meaning good morning!
Niebu! meaning good night!
Niebu! meaning holy crap!
by genxblah May 01, 2008
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A word carrying many meanings but usually used as a greeting or salutation. Neibu encompasses a feeling of peace, friendship, and warm feelings. It's been deemed better than The Force (see Star Wars).

The word was originally a typo from a sleepy person with his fingers on the wrong keys of his keyboard greeting his friends via Twitter at 4.30am .

Niebu rapidly gained popularity and spread on the Twitter platform to the web.

"Niebu, everyone. How are things going?"

"Wow. That was some nice Niebu she sent your way."

"Alright, I have to get to bed. Niebu!"

"Niebu to you, my friend."
by James Chartrand May 01, 2008
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