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Nice Kids are commonly known as those who attempt to be socially 'hip' by adopting styles from America. These include baseball caps, Vans, humorous t-shirts and light coloured jeans turned up at the ankles, whilst sporting obscure haircuts. They are known to adopt Californian accents however they are not often heard as they prefer to publish their negative, 'un-mainstream' opinions on issues such as religion, politics (they are all Tories) and commonly known successful bands over social networking sites such as Twitter. They are typically located in rural villages or out of city areas such as Penwortham or Longridge. The locality of these 'nice kids' can be said to be the reason they adopt such stances on life, commentators have speculated that there distance from the real world helps them create an imaginary life which is why they act as if they are part of the cult 1992 American comedy film 'Wayne's World'.
'' what's he looking at the muggins ? ''

'' Oi, I'm unsure about nice kids I'll bax em ''
by AndIt'sTee January 07, 2012
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