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Neyra is a beautiful girl who is shy at first but is a completely different person once you get to know her. She is loving, caring, and smart. She takes as much AP classes as she can take and complains about them throughout the year. She also tends to have a crush on guys named Humberto and gets really emotionally attatched and obsessive over them. She isn't as innocent as she seems. If you happen to come across a Neyra, give her a chance and you will see that it ain't so bad. If she happens to fall for you, there's only one thing to do, RUN!
Wow look at that Neyra! She is at the AP booth!
I bet Neyra's man is Humberto!
by Valdivia16 January 08, 2019
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She is a kind, shy and really pretty! The kind of girl who won't look you in they eye, but will hug you if you are sad. Neyra won't tollerate bullies. She says what's on her mind. Don't underestimate a strong girl like her.
Did you see Neyra and how she stood up against Lia?
by PeriodicHAx November 05, 2017
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