Shes a fun-loving, amazing accented person who loves everyone...and pandas.
Person: Neydi's accent is amazing!
2nd Person: I Know Right!!
by ola, ola February 14, 2011
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A girl with very long and dark hair. Her eyes are dark and hypnotizing. She is a very honest person who will not hesitate to say the truth. She is a very friendly and social person who loves everyone and everything. She is loved by everyone.
Is that Neydy?
by Nay-de February 20, 2017
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A lady who has a developed mind, love animals, likes to travel, hang out with friends, is very loyal, Y la más Chingona de la planeta.
That person was amazing like... no word could actually defined her, well then her name must be neydy
by Giovanni Gracia July 2, 2019
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