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Person with a preconceived notion that anime is a bad thing and/or that it should only be viewed by children.

Person who believes everything on the news.

Person who avoids certain sites on the internet in fear of hackers.
Newsfags will always break into a conversation about anime and call it cartoons. In many cases also mock the viewers for watching what he belives to be nothing but saturday morning cartoons for children.

by Tremil November 04, 2007
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A newsfag is a person who's hooked to the news and always updated on current events because they have nothing else better to do in life. Commonly found glued to their media outlet like TV, newspaper, news site, for the entire fucking day, 24/7. Tend to be social rejects and complete losers. Separating them from their desired media outlet is analogous to a death sentence.
James: Look at David. He's a complete newsfag.
Martin: Yeah, what a loser, can't be separated from the TV news channel.
by foxucon March 29, 2017
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