A clothing line derived from the word nuisance..Inspired by street art, skating and music. Website is Newsenseclothing.com.
Mark: Lets paint today!
Chad: Shoots!
Mark: After we paint lets check out this place..I heard a new stock of newsense shirts were made.
Chad: Shooooooooots! we can also buy caps. K dont forget your longboard..
Mark: Shooooooots!!^^
by Newspapers August 14, 2011
Baltimore, Maryland's dopest Ghetto House DJ.
Yo! That fuckin' crazy ass cracka Newsense be rockin' da fuckin' house!
by Dick Slinga May 8, 2003
(n) a kick ass pop-punk band that is from Las Vegas. www.newsense.tk
"Man,Newsense is a rad band" said Bill
"Fuck no They Suck!" said Bob.
by MARC! October 15, 2003