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Contrary to another definition of this word, Hoop Skirts will not be popular ever again. Trust me.
Hoop Skirts were worn by women in the 1800's commonly on southern plantations.
by Demy March 17, 2005
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Since the 80s, the preppy fashion has gone through many changes, and this is the newest fashions for preppies:

1) They still wear polos that are slim fitted and trimmed to their waist.

2) Name brand clothing is still a must. Ralph Lauren, L.L. Bean, Barneys New York is still popular, but to the retro preppies. These days, we wear clothes from Hollister Co., Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Aeropostale, etc.

3) Mini skirts and hoop skirts are definately the height of popularity for spring/summer wear for prep girls. If so, we also add a ribbon belt (mainly pink), or a bottle cap belt.

4) We almost NEVER where cashmere sweaters over our necks anymore. If you do see one, then they're probably a fashionable geek, or a retro prep.

5)Scarves for girls are definately big in winter fashion.

6) Bell-bottoms, destroyed jeans, or acid wash is still popular today! Though you mostly them in fall/winter wear, preppies still wear the custom made jeans.

7) Nike shox are probably the #1 shoe for preppy fashion these days. Girls will also commonly wear flip flops in ANY season.

8) Hair ribbons are still popular today! You can see them mostly on brunette preppies, though. (well, I do)

9) Leg warmers are definately popular also. They usually go with flip flops and are commonly worn with skirts.
Btw, we aren't sluts.
Jennifer looked over at Celicia's fashionable pink hoop skirt and white Aeropostale tee with a nice powder blue hair ribbon neatly tied. She could also see her white flip flops underneath her leg warmers.
by LisaLisa February 16, 2005
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