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When you get really fucked up at new years party and have a great time. Maybe even hit on a couple ladies with some big titties and tell them why you can't have contacts. Then you go down the stairs to relax with some people before the ball drops. Then a little freshman drunk out of their mind comes down the stairs, despite you carefully avoiding and evading her the ENTIRE night. She then sits on your lap and your locked in with no way of getting out of hooking up with her. You then tell her you have no desire in hooking up with her anymore. And she then begins to flip out and spits in your eyeball. Then when the ball drops she turns into an animal and attacks your face with her mouth, I can only make the comparison of her having a seizure in your mouth. Then you leave because your disgusted at what happened, and she goes home and throws up, unfortunately you remember everything that happened in every single detail possible, and she remembers nothing. Especially the spitting in the eyeball. I forgot to mention she also punches you in the stomach like a little ninja, drunk of course.
"Yeah my new years sucked, I had a new years disaster. I had spit in my eye for hours, and pain in my stomach."
by Nard Dog Bitch February 14, 2010
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