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New World Disorder is the name given to a series of popular freeride mountain-biking movies produced by Freeride Entertainment. The series has filmed several movies; the first of which, New World Disorder I was released in late 2000 and was a great success. It has proved itself to be one of the most progressive and popular productions in Mountain bike filmmaking. Each year a new movie is released that attempts to top the previous effort and push the boundaries of what was previously thought possible and this is what has contributed to its popularity. It relies heavily on music as well as jaw dropping stunts and tricks. It is also known for humorous introductions featuring the riders and humorous clips when introducing individual riders.
It has gone to locations as diverse as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Europe, South America, China and Africa.
It has starred mountain bike legends such as Steve Peat, John Cowan, Paul Basagoitia, Darren Barrecloth, Cedric Gracia, Nathan Rennie, Wade Simmons, Cameron McCaul, Andre Lacondeguy, Sam Hill and Bender.
Darren Barrecloth: Screw You Coppers! You'll Never Stop The Disorder!

If you ever need to pump yourself up before you try something gnarly, watch New World Disorder.
by Hamburger Phone July 19, 2009
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