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An alliance in the Cybernations Game. The New Pacific Order (NPO) has consistently been one of the oldest, most successful, and powerful alliances in Cybernations. The NPO has a long and rich history. The Order originated in NationStates after the August Revolution of 2003 lead by Francos Spain. The Cybernations New Pacific Order was founded in January 2006 by eight members of the People's Republic of the Pacific from NationStates aiming to spread the word of Francoism to another gaming universe. We are their legacy. All of us every single one of us have an obligation to carry on the values borne that night four years ago. Something very special, and very rare, came into being and has survived time and even different games; it transcends any game. A commitment so deep, a loyalty so intense, a dedication beyond any individual, all given to an ideal, a set of principles. It is up to us, today's members of the New Pacific Order, to carefully preserve these principles that underpin our way of life, especially in the tides of change.With the blessing of the teachings of Francoism, The New Pacific Order has continuously excelled in war, economy, and diplomacy and dominates the Red Trading Sphere. Its members are known as Pacificans. The fervor and loyalty of its membership is renowned and often leads to accusations of fanaticism.
The New Pacific Order stands, perhaps ironically enough, as a beacon of order. They guide our game, our actions, everything. They provide us with something to love, hate, follow, fight against, admire, etc. In this realm, conflict exists between those who see the Order for what it is and those who in futility see it for what it is not.
by Zeta-Defender August 22, 2010
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