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License plate motto: Live Free or Die. No state income tax. No state sales tax. State operated liquor stores. Beautiful, heavily wooded and mountanous state located in the northeastern region of the United States known as New England. Very low crime rate and anyone can legally walk around with a gun strapped to their belt without getting a license.It has a small population located mostly along it's border with the hated much more urban and populated state of Massachusetts, where many if not most New Hamsterites find well paying jobs that don't exist in their *cough* booming state.
Dude, I wasn't born yesterday, whaddaya think I just drove down from New Hamster in a pick-up truck?
by whatthefucksyourproblemboss? November 09, 2006
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"Affectionate" term for New Hampshire, usually used by Massholes, I think more so than other New Englanders. I've heard it used when talking about beer runs to the state liquor stores just over the border. Often pronounced "New Hamsta".
"You wanna go get some cheap likka in New Hamsta?"
by TrishTheDish June 27, 2005
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