(n)A Rock/pop band hailing from Port Townsend WA. Catchy as hell and great for dancing.Signed with Loveless Records after they won the Sound Off 2008 competition in Seattle. Has one album, named "Two years". Played at Bumbershoot in 2008.
New Faces Interview on CW 11- went something like this...

Kyle"Our music makes people hot!"
Nico"Really? Does it?"
Kyle"umm I don't know"
Nico"Well we'd like it to"
by Richard 1987 October 6, 2008
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As coined by Jack-O from the BS Report on 6/24/09:

"... we were on a new york subway once, and everybody on the train just looked so bummed out, you're living in this enormous city, you're riding this subway, you've just worked all day, you don't want to make any eye contact with anyone else on the subway because there is a 95% chance they're insane or a criminal. So you just sit there with this slumped look and a 1000 yard stare."
When someone just looks beaten down by a girl friend or a wife or life, look at the "new york subway face".
by new york loves bs June 25, 2009
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New Faces are an Indie pop band formed in Port Townsend, Washington in 2006. The band has received very good reviews, and won Seattle's local under-21 music compitetion, Sound Off!. They played at the Capitol Hill Block Party 2008 and Bumbershoot 2008 and were well-received both times. The band is also the youngest band to be signed by Seattle-based Loveless Records. The band digitally released two singles off of their first album, "Two Years", on July 22nd, before releasing the full album on August 26th. The band has been aired on Seattle music station 90.3 KEXP and on 107.7 The End).
Hey, are you going to the New Faces concert tonight? I know I am.
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