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A redneck filled town in Illinois. The life is sucked out of just about everything within a 50 mile radius of this godforsaken trash dump. Only anout .7% of the kids that grow up here make it out, while the other 99.3% stay and find a lovely trailer where they will settle down with their brother or sister and start a family, thus continuing the cycle of inbreeding. The highschool sports are terrible, but all of the hicks love to mingle at the football games. If you get caught saying anything negative about New Berlin sports you better believe an angry mob of hillbillys will hunt you down and force-feed you oversalted pretzels. Most of the townspeoploe are illiterate, so this would not be a wise place to raise your children. If you ever find yourself nearing this neck of the woods turn around and drive away as fast as you can...before it's too late.

This is sometimes considered a vulgar term so use with caution.
Billy: Oh sweet home Alabama, what's that awful stench!?

Cletus: Shucks Billy, that's New Berlin Illinois. We best not go no closer, that hillbilly town's dirtier 'n a rottin possum on the side o' the highway

Billy: Shoot, let's get outtta here!
by nbisnottheplaceforme February 19, 2012
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