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A suburb of Vancouver in British Columbia. Can be a really nice place to live if you live in the historic downtown/waterfront area, however has some of the crappiest apartment buildings anywhere. Rent is on the higher side because of its close proximity to downtown Vancouver. Do not move here if you're not prepared to hike up an incredibly steep hill several times a day. Near skytrain stations, and only about a 15 minute train ride from west side downtown Vancouver.

Royal Columbian Hospital and Douglas College are located in New Westminster, as well as Paramount gentleman's club and Fever nightclub. Full of college students and lawyers.

One of the first cities ever colonized in BC, as well as where royals would stay when visiting BC, and so is also known as the Royal City.
Also, 'wedding alley' or 'bridal alley' is located in New West on Columbia Street, as 5 or 6 bridal shops occupy 4 blocks worth of downtown.
I went for a jog on the New Westminster Quay boardwalk yesterday.
by aMartini October 26, 2009
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New Westminster is a city near vancouver,BC. It is home to 64,000 people and a wide array of cultures. New Westminster was founded in 1859 by the Royal Engineers. It was named by the queen after westminster, england (hence the nickname, the royal city)
New Westminster is hella tight
by Zutcupcake February 09, 2009
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New Westminster is a diverse city. I use the word "diverse" in a highly negative context. Its diversity is due to the extremely ugly, poor sections, the middle class average looking sections, and the upper class area of queens park. The entire city of New Westminster is full of contraversy and political conflicts. The mayor of New Westminster is a former bakery owner who frequently goes on "holidays" with young, attractive and most likely intoxicated women. New Westminster is very overpopulated by canadian standards and is full of drug and sex trafficking. The 60 year old highschool is falling apart and is full of rats, mold and asbestos. Due to the negative image of the school, the music departement is often ignored at music festivals and events. It has probably the worst municipal governement in the world and it is possibly one of the ugliest cities in the world. Therefore, it would be highly undesirable for one to inhabit this city. Do not move here.
Person 1 : Oh Allo! I'm from Bayeux, France! One of the most beautiful towns in the world!

Person 2 : Wassssuuup, like my hood is New Westminster, sonnn.

Person 1 : * awkward silence* oh...ze new methminsterr la...*runs away*

Person 2: Waiiiiit.......I wannnnt you to buyyy some druuuuuugs.
by A.Spinnet. January 06, 2010
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