This is a disrespectful Russian person that want nothing but money, power, and whores. A New Russian is usually found either "enjoying themselves" to porn or wiring a fake transaction to a phony bank account.

Their favourite pastimes include cursing their pit bulls and polishing their BMW or Mercedes just one last time...

They can easily be identified by a thick Russian accent, cussing abilities, fancy cars, swarms of usually Russian whores, large mansions, lots of beer, strange wardrobe, and their walks which tend to be a mix between a strut, casual, and gangster.

Not to be confused with Russian Mafia.
ie. "That strange dude feeling up the waitress looks an awful lot like a New Russian."


ie. "RUN! That New Russian has an effing pit bull!"
by Eliza January 15, 2005
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A do-over for a crappy start to one's new year. Celebrated at midnight of any of Russia's 11 time zones, on any day found suitable to start a new year off right.
Rick: I spend the first week of my new year with a psycho girl

Peter: Well I had to shell out $50 for the morning after, this new year sucks!

Rick: We should celebrate Russian New Year for a fresh start for this year!
by Kamelyon January 12, 2011
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The beginning of the new year as dictated by the Julian Calendar on January 13th. Still practiced and recognized by the Russian Orthodox Church.

An excuse for alcoholics to have a second new year party.

As Russia lies in 10 different time zones, it is possible to celibate 10 times in one day.

An opportunity for those who suffer from epic failure in the first 2 weeks of the new year get their shit back on track.
Adam, "What are we doing tonight"?

Alex, "What do you mean? It's Russian New Year."

Adam, "So, we're drinking vodka all night?"
by Melancholy Ocelot January 14, 2011
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