Completely shocking. Metallica has completely changed their message, attitude, and even their genre of music... and there nothing more on the face of the earth that angers me more. I'd say something like "James, I'm madly in anger with you", but that would require me to admit that i actually listened to their new crap. Their lyrics have changed from brutal statements of the truth of the world (except for battery... i have no idea what that song's about) to angsty "I hate the world but i'm too busy feeling sorry for myself to try to change it" stuff that appeals to pimps and Iron Maiden fans who've never heard of Eddie. I mean, if you listend to Saint Anger, you sit there and wonder "Did They even listen to kill em all?". The lyrics aren't deep or truthful; they are angsty and damn near emo. If I hadn't heard Ride the Lightning, I'd swear that they don't know how to play their instruments, but they can. They just choose not to for some reason. New Metallica's songs are about what people want to hear, not about what Metallica wants to say, there is no denying that. So, as music is a method of self expression, it can be argued that the new metallica is not even music. The original style of metallica is dead, but to add insult to injury, the mainstream which has grabbed them and disfigured their music to sound just like Slayer and Iron Maiden and nearly every other popular band (About nothing, no change in tempo, and sounds exactly the same) also claims that the true metallica music was uninspired, boring, and immature. "They did some demo recordings called "Kill em all", "Ride the Lightning", "Master of Puppets", and "And justice for all" " ?!?!?!!?!?!? Master of puppets is a masterpiece. Music like that is NOT easy to play at all. The guitars are more important than the lyrics. Can you even imagine the new "metallica" doing an instrumental? Metallica started in their prime and left it. They forgot what their music is about. They forgot how to play their instruments. Hetfield forgot how to sing. They forgot to forget to get a haircut. New metallica is uninspired, boring, severely unintellegent, lethargic, tallentless, drab, pointless and meaningless. And guess what? ALL YOU NEW IDIOTS LOVE IT! If an autistic 9 year old missing 3 fingers can play a song on guitar, it is NOT really metallica. A decent riff has not escaped James Hetfield's guitar since "Fuel", and that one only had 4 different notes in it so it barely counts. Metallica are thrash, and these new guys are nothing.
St. Anguish...
It ain't their bitch, but the New Metallica are popculture's bitches.
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Before Metallica hit their prime to Loaded, Reloaded and St. Anger. They did some four demo recordings entitled Kill 'em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets and ...And Justice for All. They also did the self entitled Metallica album, or more commonly referred to as the black album. With the release of this album, music critics could see that the band was destined to be so much greater and improved greatly from their days as a garage band.

Most fans don't like the new Metallica because they're upset that their precious underground band has finally become good enough to be enjoyed by more people than just the people who pretended to like it so they can say they liked a band no one had heard of. New Metallica is more Nu-Metal than Thrash Metal and Nu-Metal usually has more of a rap influence than regular metal making it a huge improvement.
"I'm madly in anger with you."
Those lyrics mean so much to me.
by Real Gangsta in da House July 16, 2005
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