A hybrid form of country music that infuses hip hop, pop, & sometimes rap into one wretched, unpleasant noise people today call country music. It's nauseating sound can easily be identified by deep southern accents, bad auto-tune, & unnecessary loud bass. Introduced around 2010, the key ingredients that created this poison melody are V-neck, Buckle-Jean-wearing bozos like Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, Thomas Rett, and Jason Aldean.
Man: Dude, I love country music.
Other man: No, you like New Country, where any homo with a guitar and a fake southern accent who knows how to auto-tune his voice and sings about beer, smoking weed, trucks, and banging chicks and calls it "Country Music".
Man: Yeah well..... I still like it.
by block bros. April 06, 2017
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A school w/ good academics...but thats about it
a lot of the people suck and are rich and spoiled
"I go to New Canaan Country School, and I just got a pony, a wii, a macbook, an ipod, a puppy and clothes for christmas!"
by Jose Gonzales Jr January 13, 2008
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