A hybrid form of country music that infuses hip hop, pop, & sometimes rap into one wretched, unpleasant noise people today call country music. It's nauseating sound can easily be identified by deep southern accents, bad auto-tune, & unnecessary loud bass. Introduced around 2010, the key ingredients that created this poison melody are V-neck, Buckle-Jean-wearing bozos like Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, Thomas Rett, and Jason Aldean.
Man: Dude, I love country music.
Other man: No, you like New Country, where any homo with a guitar and a fake southern accent who knows how to auto-tune his voice and sings about beer, smoking weed, trucks, and banging chicks and calls it "Country Music".
Man: Yeah well..... I still like it.
by block bros. April 6, 2017
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Discord User: "New Polynomers Country sucks."
Discord User 2: "So true."
by isaacthedumbass August 11, 2022
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a city (formerly) that was constructed by Polygon "Pongon" Donut.
within 3-5 days of having a citizenship for New Polynomers Country, you will observe that you are in a dark basement, known as "pongon's basement". pongon and polynomers are very infamous for confining you inside of pongon's basement. you are sent to the pongoverse (i made that up) and staying inside the basement will be more beneficial than actually attempting to escape. the people that reside in New Polynomers Country have an average of 20 iq, research shows that 90% of polynomers citizens used to have an iq over 85, but lost all of their braincells once entering.

tl;dr: hell
guy who is interested: New Polynomers Country sounds like an interesting place to live in!
guy who has escaped: NO DON'T
guy who is a citizen: 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😹😹😹😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
by erbyu April 11, 2023
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A school w/ good academics...but thats about it
a lot of the people suck and are rich and spoiled
"I go to New Canaan Country School, and I just got a pony, a wii, a macbook, an ipod, a puppy and clothes for christmas!"
by Jose Gonzales Jr January 13, 2008
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A sexy rock sextet with saxes and invincible sunglasses!

They have a basic rock band setup + sax, violin and keys, and they're one of those bands that you can only describe with about 7 different genre tags. They are AMAZING, and will definitely be one of the 20s' classic bands. The band's vocalist sadly left the band a few days before the release of their second album, but the band plans to continue on, and I can't wait to hear more! They are all amazing musicians.
"She likes concorde, she's got Billie Eillish style"

"Have you ever listened to black midi or Black Country, New Road? Best band duo ever."
by bumblaster69 July 13, 2022
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A Discord server, owned and created by Polygon donut. because the original server had been hacked by a fucking roblox scam link
its cool server 👍😂😹
join it or i will bring you into pongon basement
polynomer 1: man i wonder what happened before New Polynomers Country was created
polynomer 2 (10th member): nothing happened.
by jarbedious jarmelious 2nd jr September 8, 2023
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