nevah, is such an sweet caring and considerate person. if u have a nevah in ur life u should be extremely grateful and never ever in ur life let her go. she will always be there for u no matter what, and whatever the circumstance she has ur back. always always be lucky for her, she can and will change ur life for the better and probably already has, tbh. always love a nevah and she will always love u back. don’t talk abt her friends unless u wanna throw some hands. love ya girlie
damn where’s a nevah when u need one
by charr❤️ June 27, 2020
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Did you ever regret growing up in a small town in Hawaii? "Ah, I no tink so because even if I stay living in Da Big Apple I nevah foget I from Ewa fo evah and evah."
by Palar Jones May 3, 2009
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Phase used by people who want to always be right and who will deny that said something that they did, most famously used by Mike Francesca on his radio show.
Caller: You think the Mets are gonna win tonight mike?
Mike: No
The Next Day
Caller: You said the mets weren't going to win last night and they did
Mike: I nevah said that.
by WWF Attitude August 24, 2022
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