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To pull of a "Netardus", you must follow all directions below.
1. You must be in a hotel
2. You must find one or two skanks
3. You must find an eye patch
4. You must get the skanks into your room after letting them enjoy a large amount of 151.
5. You then must put on the eye patch, and fuck the skanks with any object that might resemble a dildo.
6. You must have a friend name Roosevelt, who only smashes quasimodos
7. You must wake up the next morning and be scared that you have herpes
Brian- "Hey Sean, do you know where Matt is?"

Sean- "Yeah man, he is upstairs hitting on some skanks"

Brian- "Ohh shit! I saw an eye patch in his back pocket, I bet that man is about to pull a Netardus!"

Sean- "Yeah, but where is Roosevelt?"

Brain- "He is downstairs searching for a fat quasi to smash ASAP"
by QuasimodoLOVERorHATER?? April 10, 2011
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