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A bad misspelling of Nergo. Also used for when having a penis erection with the help of medication.
You are such a nergo!
Ever get that nergo you complained about?
by Alicia Danni February 29, 2008
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The sound that results in taking one's penis out of an asshole that was ejaculated into, and it all slops out.
John: wtf is a nergo anyway?
Willy: its the non racial way to say nigger
Willy: stupid shit
John: no, that would be NEGRO
John: NERGO sounds like something that happens when i pull out of your ass
by Nergo August 03, 2005
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Ner-go - technical information most non technical people wouldn't understand.
Stop using ner-go, normal people don't know that language.
by Chassar April 07, 2017
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