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Nereid Nanometer Water Doctor Energy cup at NereidWaterCup.Com, a patented micro-electrolysis Weakly alkaline water cup invented by the Dr. Yang Qibiao in 2007, a renown expert in functional water and health care, uses the latest aerospace technology and is the integration of the high-energy chemical and biological ceramics, cold water porcelain, and special rare-earth materials in a simulated space high temperature. The contact with water is able to add the tap water, purified water, mineral water, groundwater and so on of non-functional macromolecular into the health water of super-strong physiological function, and plays a stronger role in preventing and combating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, gout, constipation, high blood lipid, hypertension, osteoporosis, calculus and so on. As long as one drinks cups of energy water every day, it will be much easier to prevent, control and act as adjuvant therapy for various diseases, esp. cancer and heart diseases.
The world famous Japanese MD made a blood test upon 100 cancer patients, and the results reveal that the blood of all the 100 cancerous people are in acidification. In other words, all cancer patients are of acid constitution. A numerous scientific studies have been conducted to prove that the aging process is actually the process of acidification. He also claimed that "the acidification of human body is the roots of all diseases."

ยท What if you're of acid constitution?

If the human body becomes acidic, the function of the human cells weakens, the waste is not easy to educe. The burden of liver and kidney increases and the metabolism becomes sluggish. The function of various organs weakens and thus people are vulnerable to diseases. Those who are of absolutely of acid constitution get tired easily and the aging process accelerates. If a person's body becomes utterly acid, he will never survive two days, because If the sepsis and uremia caused by acidification will leave him dead.

The Nereid Nano Water Doctor Energy cup has been sweeping over the whole China and Asian since 2007 and it has been proved to be able to turn ordinary water into health water within minute and applicable to any water quality in any area worldwide.It has the following main features:

1.Small cluster structures water:great seepage force, canimprove microcirculation and promote metabolism.
2.Strong dissolving power, oil-soluble, easily absorbed.
3.Weak adsorption capacity in between water molecules, able to maintain high-efficiency energy, activate cells and the liveness of ferment.
4.High in oxygen: can activate cells, enhancing immune function, the water closest to human body.
5.Weakly alkaline: can neutralize the acidosis, regulate the degree of acid-base balance within.
6.Negative potential, able to clean the surplus free radicals, improve the ability of human bodies' anti-oxide and retard the aging process.
7.Containing a large amount of essential minerals and trace elements within the human body.
For example, the Nereid Nanometer Water Doctor Energy Cup also suits the all-round health of different age groups. For the aged, it's able to alleviate suffering and enhance stimulative rehabilitation.
For the women, it's able to eliminate toxin, beautify skin, delay ageing and balance oil secretion. For the men, it's able to alleviate fatigue, develop resilience, eliminate the poisonous effects of smoking, drinking and drugging, and protect the liver and lung.
The kids: boost the alkalization of cerebral cortex of Children, improve intelligence, and the mineral ions contained could enhance the build-up of the bones.
by openyourhearter April 18, 2009
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