Someone who could very easily be a nerd, but is reserved in class, and almost never shows off his intelligence. Considered to be very cool by his peers. Usually a lot smarter than the suck-ups, nerds, teacher's pets, etc, and is the real teacher's favorite.
Teacher: Now who can tell me what the white whale symbolizes in Moby Dick?

Regular Nerd: That's simple! The whale is evil!

Teacher: Very good, the exact answer i was looking for! Wait, Mr. Fisher, what do you think?

Fisher: The whale symbolizes a vengeful God. This was forshadowed by the sermon on Jonah's hubris near the beginning. Ahab thought he was a modern day Jonah, and he thought he could kill God. But, his life is taken in the end because of his hubris, similar to Jonah.

Teacher: That... That's brilliant, Mr. Fisher...brilliant.

Student: Dude, you're such a nerdster!

Fisher: Meh.
by DanMonkfish December 11, 2009
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a person that sometimes acts like a nerd and sometimes like a gangster!
``yo, my man john is a nerdster he has a vanilla ice tattoo and listens to nerd music
by alireza mofrad July 31, 2007
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