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Second-Rate Cougar from Alaska whom the Republicans bafflingly believe is somehow qualified to be "next in line" after having governed a lightly populated state for all of a year and a half.

Delivered a shrill, bitter speech at the Republican convention and will likely be buried by Joe Biden in the upcoming VP debates.

Has pregnant, unmarried teen daughter, who will soon marry white trash father.

Supports white trash activities, such as aerial wolf-hunting, protesting pro-choice groups and marrying rednecks.

Attended 5 third-rate colleges in 5 years, finally graduating from the vaunted University of Idaho.

Running mate to a guy who has one leg and two bum arms already in the grave.
Did you see that cougar Sarah Palin the other night at the RNC? Every pervert conservative geezer in the joint was looking up that bitch's skirt.
by The Herlihy Boy September 05, 2008
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A phenomenon resulting from an attempt to pass off a fallacious story as factual, only to subsequently have the story proven wrong, resulting in exhibited defensiveness, bitterness and embarrassment on the part of the teller of said false story.

Synonym: PWNT
The term was derived from the following thread (created by a poster names "nerdster") on the NC State message boards:

Note the weak attempts at insulting those who are laughing at the expense of him having "nerdstered" himself throughout the thread.
by The Herlihy Boy September 05, 2008
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No-talent, idiot BOZO whose only claim to fame was that he was a LOSER on American Idol. Recently released a CD that is embarrassingly awful and which will fill the cheapo shelves of used CD stores in less than 6 months. His "singing" is painful to listen to and his "music" appeals to the grade-school set and lonely, loser cougars.

Ace Young was once described as a "tragic D-Lister" after having somehow snuck his way into the Grammys.
by The Herlihy Boy September 05, 2008
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Her life was in your hands, Dude.
"Careful, man, there's a beverage here - HEY!" - the dude
by The Herlihy Boy June 22, 2014
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