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The Rule by Nerds that is replacing the old forms of rule with the rise of comic book nerds, LOTR nerds, Doctor Who nerds, Harry Potter Nerds, Star Trek Nerds, Star Wars Nerds, Renaissance Festival nerds, D&D nerds, science nerds (etc.) as evidenced by massive box office showings for superhero, science fiction, and other nerd-based movies, as well as shows like Big Bang Theory, and the unlikely celebrity of persons on the order of Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking.
The whole high school social complex has been upended by the emerging Nerdocracy.

The Nerdocracy has subsumed Hollywood, and will soon envelop our entire culture.
by Neologian-PJG February 05, 2013
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A society who is governed by officials voted for by Nerds.
Okay guys I know this is a Nerdocracy but you can't vote for Bender. Futurama isn't reality and even if it was he won't be exist for about 1000 Years.
by Hirork August 17, 2011
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