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A person who may have hundreds of pictures of themselves on Facebook or a similar service. However, none of these pictures truly show what the person really looks like thanks to the use of camera angles, bad self-pics and other cheap visual tricks. This underhanded ploy is a favorite of the 'salad-shy' and those afflicted with 'a lovely personality.' Invented by Stephen Gude, Professor Emeritus at UCSC, USA.
"There are 150 pictures of this girl on her Myspace... NONE of which show that she is not fat or ugly. Think of the incredible effort this must have taken. How is that possible? What a horrible nerd-o-welly."

"Gina weighs 300 pounds in real life... Why does her facebook make her look like Jessica Biel. What is goddamn nerd-o-welly!"
by Professor Letznotfail October 21, 2011
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