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An enhanced style of the traditional nerd that is quite potent in the social standings of today. A nerd that has obtained said swagger is endowed with substantial cred in otherwise "out of element" surroundings. This nerd is especially able to gain the looks and attention of women in many settings that the traditional nerd would not be able to garner. Showing a proficiency in many areas, this nerd is perceived to be "cool" and "hardly a nerd" to many.
1.Dang, the nerd has some serious swagger. He just walked into a biker club and made everybody in there understand what the formula is for finding the sum of integers, which would be S=N/2(A+B). maybe.

2.Guy 1: what the heck is nerd swagger?
Guy 2: oh well, you know how on the weekends Im always saying that I can't hang out because I'm busy?
Guy1: yea
Guy 2: well, I'm actually at home playing World of Warcraft and eating Doritos.
Guy 1: *GASP* duuuude that makes you a nerd!
Guy 2: yes, but my nerd swagger concelled this truth, until now.
Guy 1: so.... what happens now to our friendship?
Guy 2: simply this, I will push my nerd swagger to maximum and you won't remember a thing in about 5 seconds. Ready?
Guy 1: what the heck are talking about?
Guy 2: dude, lets go find some chicks.
Guy 1: I was just thinking about that bro, man your awesome. Far from a nerd like some people.
Guy 2: I sure am guy 1, I sure am.
by thatITguyTy March 05, 2011
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A person the absolutely crushes being a nerd so much that other nerds recognize their swagger. Nerding out to its maximum will give you nerd swagger.
Yo you got that nerd swagger with those fowardflips.
by bird stagger March 17, 2010
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