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Nerd Bashing is the unfortunate activity society enjoys today, though it started back when the Media started making its discriminatory propeganda broadcasts, mainly targeting "emos," Communists, and the main focus on my little article: "Nerds."
While people say it's all their fault, I disagree otherwise. Nerd bashing, among other minority prejudice, can take place in the following forms:
-"Stuffing in Locker" as portrayed in movies.
-Anything related to physical abuse
-Social Rejection
-Related forms

"Be nice to nerds. Chances are, you may end up working for one." Bill Gates at his Graduation.

"I have always been against society's "popular image" and "social structure." Democracy, unfortunately, can't do anything without violating it's constitution to strongly enforce anti-discriminatory laws. Only a strong Socialist-like movement can promise equal rights to not only the majority, but to also the minority, in which nerds are included in it. Nerd bashing is wrong and should be outlawed beyond the workplace and into typical society, as well as the other in the minority" -Me
by Tiure Jabba August 23, 2008
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It is when you want to beat nerds up because they are on the internet acting tough.
Example (on reddit):

Jim: "These nerds are reddit piss me off bc they act tought but could be taken down easily in real life."
Chris:"Yea a great nerd bashing would be great right now. One at a time walking into a 10x10 room I would definitely bash some nerds!"
by thekinghermit October 22, 2012
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