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A Nepiophile is like a Pedophile, a person (male or Female) sexually attracted to Children, but has an attraction to a younger age like babies and Toddlers and up to preschool children.

The term does not mean having a sexual relationship with the infant. In fact dispite this attraction a majority of Nepiophiles even Pedophiles do do not seek nor have those kind of relationships. This term is reserved to Molesters. Many Nepiophiles will become close friends to 1 or 2 children (sometime more) in their life times. They will help them, protect them from any harm. The child will be happy to see him/her and sad when he/she leaves.
John (a Nepiophile) and his 2 year old girl friend went to the Zoo today to see the animals. They had a great time.
by Nickey March 13, 2006
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A sexual orientation where a man is sexually attracted to and has loving, consentual relationships with infants and toddlers.
My girlfriend is 2-years old, making me a nepiophile.
by John-Paul February 16, 2005
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