The revival of the Hippy movement. This movement is taking the principals of the 60's Hippy movement and applying it to modern day culture. Neohippies believe in peace and choose not to conform to mainstream culture.

Neohippies have different style than the original hippies. They listen to some of the great 60-70 rock musicians, but they also listen to various modern artists.

They also smoke weed and eat shrooms like the hippies. Only now, both shrooms and weed can be grown privately and are much higher quality than their 60's counterparts. And now, this new movement has DMT, K, salvia, and ecstasy to play with!

The internet is helping this movement spread.
Ravers, hippies, beatniks, and even some punks are some of the people who are involved in/part off the neohippie movement.
by Alien(dank)Workshop November 14, 2010
A movement that seeks to form a new hippie movement like the hippie movement of the 1960's contune what they started. To start a new countercurture movement. To Introduce to the life of being a hippie.
by Deep blue 2012 March 16, 2010