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A music project formed by electro-rock artist James Kay and his brother Brandon Kay.

Neobrite started in the middle of Summer 2010 in the suburbs of Detroit, as a way for musician James Kay to create music away from the constrains of being in a full band. After realizing the potential of recording software, James began to program and record music using the synthesizer as his main instrument of choice. Largely due to the synthesizer's wide versatility and large spectrum of sound. Not long after, James built a fairly nice recording studio in his bedroom, and began to record music around work and school. The first song “Where Am I?” was released on MySpace on June 16th, 2010. From there he began to finish his debut album that would be later known as, "Digital Nights". In January 2011, Brandon Kay (James' older brother) joined Neobrite as the drummer for both studio and live performances.

"Digital Nights" was released on February 28th 2011 via worldwide digital distribution through various online stores(iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby...etc). Physical copies are available exclusively through

The newest single, "Life" was released on April 18th on iTunes and at other various online stores.
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