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A cowboy simulation resembling a famous republican president from the Matrix movie.
Known for his fight with a flying metal Gorbochavian Octopus while wearing boots, a western shirt, and an impish mindless smile.
Often mistaken for a tall Howdy Doody or an Idaho Senator when soliciting in seedy airport restrooms.

Best known for his slow motion mind and float-through-the-air sting-like- a-bee fighting style.
He perished in the movie after voids in his brain became filled with coprolitic deposits generated by the character Agent Smith.
Who is that dancing with my feet from the next stall? Oh, it must be Neo-Reagan!
Why is my carpet filled with greasy tin foil? Has Neo-Reagan been fighting in here??
by aureliuspm October 07, 2016
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Of or related to a rebirth of Reagan-esque political philosophy.

A demographic that recognizes that the current, "progressive" political status quo is both unsustainable in terms of fiduciary irresponsibility and unacceptable in terms of moral reprehensibility.

Those that adhere to the philosophy that Reagan Was Right!
I just heard a guy call Obama a socialist! He must be a Neo-Reaganite! Or maybe just a well informed American.
by Beateljoose March 12, 2010
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