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Not to be confused with the already existing music genre "Jazz-Hop", Neo Jazz-Hop is a new age genre used to classify atmospheric music which fuses together jazz and hip-hop elements. Unlike its predecessor, Neo Jazz-Hop is almost strictly instrumental ambiance and beats, containing little to no lyrics, with a jazzy, hip-hop sound that can easily be indentified by listeners.

Neo Jazz-Hop music is flexible and accommodating in that it is not entirely exclusive to the use of hip-hop and jazz, yet is a collaboration of sounds that contain influences from other genres such as blues, soul, classical, etc.

Neo Jazz-Hop music is meant to be scenic, similar to how background music works for a television show or a film. The way Neo Jazz-Hop evokes emotions and thoughts from its listeners is unique, yet not entirely foreign: its lack of lyrics allows the music to "describe" a feeling, mood, or thought with sound rather than words, much similar to how music did so in the past, before lyrics were added.

The term "Neo Jazz-Hop" was derived from the phrase "Future Jazz Hip-Hop Fusion, FOR THE WIN!" (J.Jardin) which was used on a group wall discussion on the popular networking site, Since the phrase was too long, "Neo Jazz-Hop" was then concocted as a genre in order to make organizing music on iTunes easier for those who found hip-hop and jazz as classifications too broad and general.
I like listening to neo jazz-hop artists like Nujabes.
by P.J December 23, 2007
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