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A word meaning 'mentally disabled'. In other words 'retard, autistic, etc'. Also meaning 'asshole'.
Dude you're such a nemp!
by XxseXXXyxX April 07, 2015
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A psychedelic drug taken by the mouth, ear, eyes, or nose that makes the world make no sense what so ever. Some side effects include being caught in Time Warps, spending long hours dancing, and getting all your questions answered... but all your answers questioned
Man 1: Dude, what time is it?
Man 2: It's like 5.
(long period of time passes)
Man 1:What time is it now?
Man 2: 5:02
Man 1: Its only been 2 minutes! Are we on nemp or something?!?
by Brock Lobster January 25, 2011
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