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Nellardo's are huge excess gamblers. They are not often cool, but they thrust themselves into society and the upper class division. Nellardo's often times are interested in there own gender rather then the opposite. Nellardo's are often small people uner 5'5, but there can be exceptions to the odd tall one. (Not many at all) They thrive off of heroics and antics among a society. They don't often find success but when they do, its by cutting corners and taking short cuts. Nellardo's can be a boy or a girl that does not behave according to there age, more to the likes of there shoe size. Nellardo's can be beauties once in about every 365 days, so make sure you use that day to your advantage. Nellardo's usually play high level soccer, maybe high level football or baseball and the odd Nellardo may even play golf or hockey! Nellardo's love to find humor in other peoples miss fortunes.
Chick 1: Man Dave's been acting like a Nellardo, the guys got such an ego to him for someone who doesn't have much going for him.
Chick 2: I wish Dave acted more like Justin, he never tries to pull any stunts to get attention.

Guy 1: Man Andre's been being a real Nellardo, not many people like him when he acts like that!
Guy 2: No kidding, the guys got some nerve to be doing that!
by th3guyw1ththebutterflytattoo January 19, 2012
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