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The equivalent of 'negate', invented in a moment of genius by the Bossman.

1. To make ineffective or invalid; nullify.
2. To rule out; deny. See Synonyms at deny.
3. (Computer Science). To perform the machine logic operation NOT gate
Both his unquestionable professionalism and fear or discovery and therefore eventual termination negified Mark's desire to seduce and eventually fuck the female customers to whose houses he was despatched in order to service their boilers.
by Gavin Anderson June 08, 2004
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What happens when you are in the presence of Negin. For a better understanding see Negin.
Dude, i was just standing there, she walked in and i was negified!

Dude i told you, look away whenever she walks in or she will negify you!
by lost teddy bear February 08, 2010
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