Negative energy is a feeling that you get when your around certain people; this feeling tends to be putting you down and in a bad place. Most people try to avoid negative energy by ditching the people who bring them down and are rude to them.
Yo we got to leave these people they keep bringing me down and it’s making me stress.

*Yah, like negative energy is bad for the complexion*
by I’m cHAi TEa December 4, 2018
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1. Everyone gives off an energy, or aura when you are near them. Like think like this, some people give off a positive aura which fills you with happiness and amicableness(not sure if that’s even a real word) while a person with negative aura fills you with gloom and steel-headedness(also not sure if this is a real word). These are all influenced by their actions, which are in turn influenced by their emotions, so negative energy basically would mean any bad emotions like hatred or sadness or fear... etc.

2. It’s also used quite often in modern anime as a superpower the MC or close relation has in which it’s usually activated when the character is close to death or full of rage at the death of a loved one. Many cosmetic effects of the negative energy effecting the character include but are not limited to: lightning of any sort, usually blue or purple, dancing around the character: crimson fire appearing behind them: their body being covered in black shit from god knows where: their muscles suddenly expanding and then ripping apart to reveal that they now have a giant skinless arm with metal blades attached somehow: and, last and probably least, their eyes turn black, red, orange, or purple

3. The weapon of the main character and his friends in the book series World Tree Online that they use to conteract positive energy, which is being enslaved and harnessed by a corrupt god for purposes it was not intended to be used for.
Mom: I thought I told you to invite Timmy to our house, son.
Jake: Yahhh, but that guy’s so emo!
Jake: But Mom, he gives off so much negative energy, everything he says and does look like things a depressed person about to kill themselves does! He doesn’t even stay awake half the time at school and just moans for the whole other half!
by Nicholas Comet-totallyrealname February 8, 2019
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Negative Energy is when someone is mad around you or being mean or rude to you or others and it can effect them so I think before they say your negative they should go suck a dick
Them: I don't like to be around negative energy
Me:Then bitch leave. Act like I give a flying fuck.
by Flyingfucksigive0 February 28, 2016
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