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A person prone to wearing Glee Adidas Jackets whilst mouthing off random swear words about her boat adventures to dry land...
I watched 10 episodes of Glee and it's official.. I'm one hell of a Neelab.
by Abiko Meow April 27, 2011
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has some pretty fire music taste, extremely hilarious, and not to mention the boujeest person alive. Neelab is the lit friend you want to surround yourself with because she’s so chill yet savage that it will always entertain you
That girl stole a McDonalds tray!!

She’s a neelab broooo
by YEET WTF January 03, 2018
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Neelab is a pretty girl that cares a lot about her friends. She sacrifices a lot for her friends happiness. Neelab’s tend to be very caring and joyful! Neelab’s make fun of their friends as a sign of affection. Neelab is extremely gorgeous!Overall Neelab is loveable and gorgeous and you need a Neelab in your life!
“This girl in my class keeps hitting me and teasing me “

Definitely A Neelab
by YEET WTF January 03, 2018
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