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A person whose methodical, over-disciplined ways continually irritate neighbors and co-workers by this person insistance of the same attention to detail and order from others. A person who is so consumed by the repetitiveness of his work that he he takes things too seriously and sucks the life out of the laughter and fun around him. A person so detailed, he misses the big picture.
Mr. Doe, a Needlenose, wrote a bullet-pointed list about a bullet pointed list and proceeded to instruct someone to put out a fire by first telling the person to identify the temperature in the room compared to the adjoining room, divided by the height of the flame minus the number of flames...and once identified, with your left hand, grab a bucket, and toss 1,233 scoops of water with a coffee scoop. Proceed to pour onto open flame.
by SevenDeez July 21, 2010
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