A big green growling dude with pants from the Soul Calibur series of arcade games that game-obsessed fans always complain about do to the fact that he takes all the other character's best moves and uses them to wipe the floor with almost everyone else in the game. Created by sculptor Todd "guy who made Spawn" McFarlane to put in game. Has unbelievably simple backstory that fans who actually care about shit like that always bitch and moan about.
Level 74 Edgemaster of the Gerbil: Man, my cousin came over yesterday and beat my Sophitia with that Necrid dude again.
Level 63 Edgemaster of the Luna Moth: Haha pwnage.
Level 74 Edgemaster of the Gerbil: Shut the hell up.
by Steve Barns October 21, 2006
An incredibly cheap, incoherent, and unnecessary character made by Todd McFarlane for the game "Soul Calibur II" His strengths lies in a really his brute strength and cheap moves. His weapon is Maleficus, a ball of energy that lets him morph the energy into any kind of blade. He is annoying and stupid and should have been removed from the game since he really has no spot in the actual story line itself.
"What, you're playing as Necrid again?"
by Joan H July 12, 2005
Absolute shit, something that's so unspeakably terrible that the only way to describe it is to liken it to one of the worst character designs of all time.
Devin's singing is hella necrid.
by MetalSabe August 30, 2008