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Britney Spears is not a human. Shes a Neblarian! Shes a alien from the planet Neblar from a solar system in the andromeda galaxy.Her kids are actually the parasites from the movie cloverfield, and britney will turn into the monster really soon herself. Actually, she already is the monster. Shes Crazy, Fat, and hairless.She is destroying humanity(Based on the video of chris Crocker)
Chris crocker is also a neblarian, who loves supporting Other deadbeat Neblarians.
Joe: Hey did you see that hilarious Chris Crocker Video?
Andy: Yea i have...He is absolutely right.
Joe: Are you insane!!? Shes a Alien from the planet neblar!
Joe: Your a fag andy...Pew pew pew to the planet Neblar! hahahaa

Your a Neblarian, FAG!
by Michael66666 January 19, 2008
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