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Funny, Smart, Silly, Random, Nice, Crazy, Weird.

Nazya is a short girl who everyone loves. She is extremely beautiful, and funny. You never want this gorgeous girl to get mad at you, mainly because she likes to stand up for herself, so you will feel guilty for doing anything to her. Nazya is also very smart, and a little crazy and weird at times, she loves to sing, and she hates accepting compliments, because she feels that all the attention shouldn't be on her. Nazya is also very down to earth, boys drool over her because of how crazy gorgeous she is. She is a little nerdy but that is one of the reasons why she is so amazing. She is very shy and quiet around people that she doesn't normally talk to, but once you get to know her, she'll be the best person you have ever met.
Woah! Who's that girl over there?

Dude, that's Nazya! She's beautiful isn't she?

Yeah, She is amazing.
by Cray Kreh May 26, 2014
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