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Nazan Öncel (born February 6, 1956) is one of Turkey's most successful and famous pop music and pop rock singers/songwriters. She writes her own songs, does the arrangements for most of them and has also written songs for many famous singers such as Tarkan and İbrahim Tatlıses. She's mostly known for her unique writing style, a combination of grammatically perfect "high-class" Turkish and slang.
In 1978, her song "Sana Kul Köle Olmuştum" ("I've Become Your Slave"), written by Erdener Koyutürk and Özdener Koyutürk, was aired on radio and television, and Nazan's interesting voice attracted attention. Her first album (LP), "Yağmur Duası"("Prayer for the Rain") was published in 1982. The first album, where all of the songs were written by Öncel herself, was published in 1992, by the title "Bir Hadise Var" ("There is an Issue").
by slapyou January 27, 2009
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