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-> A small dweller of Exeter, who claims to be iranian. But is by birth right, and linguistically a Bengali. Typical characteristics of Nayson, is that he will steal your land, culture and your women.

If you spot him shout Bengali, or contact immigration services.

UPDATE: It has come to our attention nayson is passing himself off as a DJ, do not listen to his bhangra music instead sign the petition to get him deported...

Immigrant Bengali Annoying} <-
"Nayson is that my passport!"

"Sorry Nayson what did you say, it sounded Bengali!"

"Damn, Bengali took my job"

"Damn, Bengali took my wife"

"Damn, Bengali took my land"

"Damn, Bengali took my culture"
by Nayson lover November 11, 2004
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Goodlook studsly iranian, people call him bengali because their jealous, but really he's the Shah and pinacle of goodlooking.
by Bengali Mc August 24, 2004
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