A child of someone in the navy . This is who has moved several times (to numerous military bases), owns a military id , enjoys buying items at the navy exchange (because it is not taxed) and is usually someone who respects authority
Libby's a navy brat , she's generally a well rounded kid . her dad was a commander in the navy and she has lived in about six different states .
by manictrout January 31, 2012
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A child who is born overseas while one or both parents are serving in the Navy. Thus given American citizenship due to being born on a U.S. naval base.
I was born at the Yokosuka Naval base while my dad was stationed in Japan, so yeah, I'm a Navy Brat.
by Hootie75 March 17, 2019
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when you dont have a hometown because your parents were military!
where is your hometown?
navy brat, usa
by DJ Jen August 25, 2008
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